About Spravato™

Treatment-resistant depression, major depression, and suicidal ideations often fail to respond to a prescription, psychotherapy, or other treatments. Jennie Stormes, PMHNP-BC has seen first-hand the success with the use of Spravato™ when other prescription, holistic and non-drug options have failed. For this reason, Spravato™ is a medical option at MasterMind Clinic, PLLC for those suffering from treatment resistant depression or major depression with suicidal thoughts or actions.

Mental Health Clinic

For a Consultation

Spravato™ consultations are available to see if Spravato™ treatments are an option for your depression (TRD or MDD). At the consultation appointment, you will receive a complete mental health intake assessment and screening. You will not be receiving any medications or Spravato™ treatments. If Spravato is an option to treat your depression, then you will complete the paperwork and consents to begin the process of enrolling for Spravato™.