Covid-19 Colorado and CDC Policy


According to Colorado Public Health Orders and Executive Orders, Psychiatric Mental Health is considered an essential service and a critical business in Colorado.  MasterMind Clinic, PLLC will adhere to the orders in place adapt to the various stages of levels in response, as appropriate. 

These steps may include, but are not limited to:
     - Social Distancing of at least 6 feet distance between visitors
     - Wearing of a face mask covering the mouth and nose, unless exempted from wearing a mask related to age, a medical, or other condition
     - Limiting the office visit to the patient and only allowing necessary additional visitors as possible.  No more than 3 persons allowed per visit.
     - Contactless processes when possible.
     - Screening employees, contractors, and students before starting the shift for the day and periodically during the work day.
     - Enforcing employees to practice hand hygiene and other safe practices in the office.
     - Disinfecting patient area in between visits in the patient care rooms with hospital grade disinfectant.
     - Permitting telehealth services, when appropriate and safe to do so.  This may not always be an option.
     - Quarantine at home of employees, contractors, or students who are suspected of illness
     - Limiting non-essential employees or services in the clinical setting or office.

In psychiatry and mental health care, the observation of body language, including facial expression and other movements is necessary. Also, the use of masks can be limiting in building a relationship and creating the patient-provider bond. The use of masks is encouraged but not required when attempting to assess and diagnosis during the patient-provider appointment.  If you are concerned about not wearing masks by staff or others, please let the appropriate staff member know your concerns.